Lomachenko vs. Pacquiao? Probably Not Going to Happen

Lomachenko vs. Pacquiao

Could a Lomachenko vs. Pacquiao fight happen before Pac-Man Retires?

Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, and promoter, Bob Arum, have both stated that a fight with 2-time Olympic gold medalist Vasyl Lomachenko is definitely a possibility in the future for the 8-division world champion.

Lomachenko, 28, fights at 130 pounds and comes in on fight night around 140. Pacquiao, who will turn 38 in December, fights at 147 and comes in around 148 on fight night, so a fight at 140 pounds would likely have the two fighters within five to seven pounds of each other, and they are both about the same height. So, when we look at size, neither fighter has a real advantage. When it comes to speed, power, and athleticism though, Pacquiao has a clear edge. The Filipino slugger has beaten up and knocked out much-bigger opponents throughout his Hall-Of-Fame career.

While “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko does display solid power at 135 and 140, would he really be able to hurt Pacquiao? With that being said, do not underestimate Lomachenko in a hypothetical match-up; he has an extremely high boxing IQ and excellent footwork/head movement that could cause any opponent problems. It is also worth noting that Manny Pacquiao is far past his physical prime.

At the end of the day, Lomachenko vs. Pacquiao probably will not happen, as Pac-Man is near retirement and Lomachenko has said that he is “too small” for Pacquiao right now and would need around a year to prepare for such a fight.

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