Kell Brook Needs to Fight Errol Spence or Move Up to 154

Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence

Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Needs to Happen

If he wants to keep his IBF welterweight title, Kell Brook (36-1, 25 KOs) has to fight #1 contender Errol Spence Jr. (21-0, 18 KOs) next. Seems simple enough, right? The man who says he exposed Gennady Golovkin (before getting knocked out in give rounds) doesn’t want to fight the young rising American Spence, saying he is not well-known enough to create the type of money fight he wants.

Brook has names like Amir Khan, Danny Garcia, and Manny Pacquiao on his mind, but before he can even think of setting up a potential megafight, he has to keep his IBF title. Simply put, no top-level fighter at 147 is going to be eager to jump into the ring and fight Kell Brook if he doesn’t have the title.

So, Brook has another option if he does not want to tangle with Errol Spence: move up to 154. The problem? I do not believe Brook has a good chance to beat any of the Top 5 junior middleweights right now. If the Brit was to move up to that division, he would be stuck with either facing somebody like Liam Smith (who he has trained with in the past), or attempt to make a fight with one of the top-ranked fighters and risk losing once again. Another loss on Brook’s record would not help his case at all, especially considering his entire stock right now as a fighter is based on one win (over Shawn Porter in 2014) and one “feel-good” loss (to Gennady Golovkin at 160 in 2016).

There is no doubt Brook has talent. He has a good chin, great counterpunching ability, and solid power; his biggest enemy right now is his weight. I do not believe he belongs in the 154-pound division, but if he does not want to fight Errol Spence, than what is the point in giving up his IBF title (which he has held for almost two and a half years) and then ending up staying in the same division? The only reasonable fight that makes sense would be against Amir Khan; he would make a lot of money, get to fight in England, and it would give him a valid excuse of sorts for giving up his title. After a fight with Khan at 147 (win or lose), Brook could move up to 154.

Still, I believe Kell Brook needs to live up to his nickname and prove that he is “The Special One” by fighting and beating Errol Spence Jr. If he can do that, than he would almost guaranteed be able to get a welterweight unification fight (a pay-per-view bout no doubt) with either the winner of Danny Garcia-Keith Thurman, or one with Manny Pacquiao at the end of 2017. If not, than he can move up to 154 and hope to make an impact there.

Will Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Happen? Who Wins? Comment below!

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